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The Tubes - Bondage At The Bush - CD Album & Vinyl LP

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Format: 2CD/DVD & LP

The Tubes started out in Phoenix Arizona in 1972, the year when compadre shock-rocker Alice Cooper made a name for himself by blending hard rock with outrageous stage theatrics. The two founder members, guitarist Bill 'Sputnik' Spooner and Vince Welnick on keyboards then recruited front man John 'Fe' Waybill and the rest of the band. Keyboardist Gary Cambra joined when the band re-formed in 1993. Waybill, an ex-drama student, soon persuaded the band to move to the Bohemia of San Francisco's Bay Area where their way-out musical and theatrical ideas found a welcome home. Long before the MTV age, the Tubes pioneered the rock video and on stage video projection. The band then dreamt up outrageous stage characters such as glam-rock queen Quay Lewd (miraculously still alive and well and present here), Dr Strangekiss and severely repugnant punk Johnny Bugger.


01. Spaghetti Overture
02. Ghost Riders In The Sky
03. She's A Beauty
04. Don't Touch Me There
05. Under The Double Eagle
06. Mad Cow Auctioneer
07. I Saw Her Standing There
08. My Asylum
09. Malaguena Salerosa
10. What Do You Want From Life?
11. Tumbling Tumble Weeds
12. Russell Chaps Intro
13. Tip Of My Tongue
01. Don't Want To Wait Anymore
02. Life Is Pain
03. Talking To The Moon
04. TV Is King
05. No Way Out
06. Let There Be Drums
07. Stand Up And Shout
08. White Punks On Dope
09. Mondo Bondage
10. The Magnificent Seven
11. Haloes
12. Talk To Ya Later

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Side 1
A1. She's A Beauty
A2. Don't Touch Me There
A3. My Asylum
A4. Don't Want To Wait Anymore
Side 2
B1. What Do You Want From Life?
B2. I Saw Her Standing There
B3. Tip Of My Tongue
B4. Life Is Pain
Side 3
C1. Talking To The Moon
C2. TV Is King
C3 No Way Out
C4. Stand Up And Shout
C5. White Punks On Dope
Side 4
D1. Mondo Bondage
D2. Haloes
D3. Talk To Ya Later

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