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Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer - Meets Kelly Ranks At Channel One - Vinyl LP



Michael Palmer is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist known for his contributions to the reggae music scene, particularly during the 1980s. Some of his popular songs include "Joker Smoker" and "Lick Shot."

"Joker Smoker" is one of his most recognized tracks and is considered a classic in the reggae and dancehall genres. Michael Palmer's music has been part of the cultural and musical history of Jamaica and has a dedicated following among reggae enthusiasts. Michael Palmer Meets Kelly Ranks At Channel One was originally released in 1985. Now re-issued on 180 gram vinyl, including comprehensive sleeve notes by Burning Sounds.


Side 1
1. Chucky No Lucky (3.52)
2. I Am Going To Buy You A Gown (4.01)
3. She Sexy (3.25)
4. I Have A Problem (3.46)

Side 2
1. Woman Make You Waistline Roll (2.41)
2. You See Me You See Me (3.16)
3. Jah They Pon Mi Mine (4.02)
4. Good A Fi Suffer For The Bad (3.56)