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Niney The Observer

Niney The Observer - Sledge Hammer Dub In The Street Of Jamaica - Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP



"Sledgehammer Dub In The Streets Of Jamaica" is a lost gem of a dub album by Niney The Observer, a Jamaican record producer and singer known for his contributions to reggae music. The album was released in first released in 1977 and features dub versions of various reggae tracks.

Niney The Observer, whose real name is Winston Holness, is renowned for his work as a producer during the golden era of reggae music in the 1970s. He worked with many prominent reggae artists, including Dennis Brown, Max Romeo, and Delroy Wilson, and his dub versions of these artists' songs have become classics in the genre.

"Sledgehammer Dub In The Streets Of Jamaica" is a notable release in the world of dub reggae and showcases Niney The Observer's skills as a producer and dub innovator. If you enjoy dub reggae music, this album is worth checking out.


Limited Edition 180 gram Red vinyl.


Side 1
1. Dub Long Rastafari (3.21)
2. Travelling Version (3.45)
3. You’re No Dub Baby (2.45)
4. Burning Dub (3.33)
5. Kingsgate Version (2.20)

Side 2
1. Dub Now (3.22)
2. God Bless My Dub (3.31)
3. Everyone’s Dubbing (3.09)
4. Rich And Poor Dub (3.00)
5. Tribulation Version (3.07)