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Fred Locks Meets The Creators

Fred Locks Meets The Creators - Love & Harmony - Vinyl LP



Fred Locks, whose real name is Stafford Elliott, is a prominent Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter known for his spiritually infused and conscious lyrics. He was born on May 5, 1955, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Fred Locks gained recognition in the 1970s during the roots reggae era, establishing himself as an artist with a distinctive vocal style and a deep Rastafarian influence in his music. His lyrics often revolve around themes of spirituality, Rastafarian principles, social issues and cultural awareness.

One of his most notable songs is "Black Star Liners," released in the mid-1970s, which became an anthem within the reggae community. The song encourages African unity and the repatriation of Africans to their homeland. Another popular track by Fred Locks is "True Rastaman," which further solidified his reputation for delivering heartfelt and conscious lyrics.

Fred Locks' contributions to reggae music often embodied the spiritual and cultural aspects of Rastafarianism, and he remains respected for his dedication to promoting positive messages through his music. His work continues to inspire fans of reggae music and those interested in the deeper philosophical aspects of the genre.


Includes Sleeve notes.



Side 1
1. Love And Harmony – Fred Locks (4:11)
2. Love Enough To Share – Cherry Rock (3:29)
3. Born In Slavery (Kill Nebudchanezzar) – The Creation Steppers (3:11)
4. Let's Get It Right – Albert Malawi (3:29)
5. Touch Not My Locks – Little Roy (2:58)

Side 2
1. Harmony Dub - Fred Locks & The Twelve Tribes Band (4:17)
2. Love Dub – Cherry Rock & The Twelve Tribes Band (3:28)
3. Killer Dub – The Creation Steppers & The Twelve Tribes Band (3:19)
4. Get Right Dub – Albert Malawi & The Twelve Tribes Band (3:37)
5. Dread Morning - Little Roy & The Twelve Tribes Band (3:33)