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Various - The Story Of Blue Beat - The Best In Ska 1962 Part 3 - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

The third part of Secret Records subsidiary label, Sunrise Records, Blue Beat compilation featuring another 25 releases from the Blue Beat label from 1962 plus bonus tracks from subsidiary label Dice.
Another double disc extravaganza of the best music of the Blue Beat label from the second part of 1962 with disc 1 featuring the 'A' sides of the singles and disc 2 featuring the 'B' sides. 1962 was a banner year for the label as it began increasing it's musical output to offer the rabid music fans more of the developing, new Rhythm & Blues sound that was then becoming known as Ska. The Story Of Blue Beat: Part 3' features another 56 tracks, many from Blue Beat luminaries such as Prince Buster, Eric Morris and Laurel Aitken as well as other notables like Owen Gray and Derrick Morgan.
Also included on this compilation are bonus tracks from Blue Beat subsidiary label Dice making this an essential album for anyone interested in early Ska. A number of these songs are now quite rare and have become sought after by record collectors and devoted Blue Beat fans alike. This is the sixth installment in the acclaimed Sunrise Records Blue Beat compilation series compiled to provide a complete overview of early Jamaican Reggae and Ska.


1.Sixty Days & Sixty Nights - Laurel Aitken & The Les Dawson Combo
2.Crying In The Chapel - Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd
3.Give Me A Chance - Lloyd Robinson Rico Rodriguez & His Band
4.Oh My Love - Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd
5.Independence Blues - Basil Gabbidon
6.It's True Love - Keith & Enid
7.You Cheated On Me - Al T. Joe & The Celestials
8.Pretty Girl - Owen Gray
9.Over The Hills - Eric Morris & Buster's All Stars
10.Our Melody - Basil Gabbidon & Randy's All Stars
11.Should Be Ashamed - Derrick Morgan & Buster's Group
12.I Care - Derrick Harriott & The Vagabonds
13.Bringing In The Sheaves - Theo Beckford
14.Time Longer Than Rope - Prince Buster & The Band Of The People
15.I'll Be There -Winston Stewart & Bibby Seaton & The Rhythm Aces
16.Love Me Or Leave Me - Lloyd Clarke
17.They Got To Move - Owen Gray
18.Miss Peggy's Granddaughter - Eric Morris
19.One Hand Washes The Other - Prince Buster & The All Stars
20.By The Tree In The Meadow - Owen Gray & Buster's Group
21.Seven Long Years - Eric Morris
22.Joybells - Derrick Morgan & Duke Reid's Group
23.Weary Wanderer - Laurel Aitken
24.White Christmas - Simms & Robinson
25.Mr. Policeman - Busty Brown & Cool Sticky

Bonus Tracks

26.Come To The Wedding - The Marvels
27.Independence Time Is Here (aka Rise Jamaica) - Al T. Joe
28.Mr. Postman - Rudy Grant & Sketto Rich Laurel Aitken Band
1.Going To Kansas City - Laurel Aitken & The Les Dawson Combo
2.Come Back My Love - Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd
3.When You Walk - Lloyd Robinson Rico Rodriguez & His Band
4.Let's Go To The Party - Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd
5.For You My Love - Basil Gabbidon
6.When It's Spring - Keith & Enid
7.This Heart Of Mine - Al T. Joe & The Celestials
8.Twist So Fine - Owen Gray
9.Lazy Woman - Eric Morris & Buster's All Stars
10.Going Back To J.A.? - Basil Gabbidon & Randy's All Stars
11.Marjorie - Derrick Morgan & Buster's Group
12.Have Faith In Me - Derrick Harriott & The Vagabonds
13.Runaway - Theo Beckford & Girlie
14.Fake King - Prince Buster & The Band Of The People
15.Dewdrops - Don Drummond & Aubrey Adams Group
16.Matthew Lane Shuffle (aka Merry Twist) - Charles Organaire
17.I Love Her - Owen Gray
18.Megaton - Buster's Group
19.Cowboy Comes To Town - Prince Buster & The All Stars
20.Lizabella - Owen Gray & Buster's Group
21.For Your Love - Buster's Group
22.Going Down To Canaan - Derrick & Denzil with Duke Reid's Group
23.Jenny Jenny - The Bandits
24.Searching - Simms & Robinson
25.What A World - Busty & Cool

Bonus Tracks

26.Christmas Blues? - Rudy Grant & Sketto Rich with The Laurel Aitken Band
27.Angelo - The Marvels
28.I'm On My Own - Al T. Joe