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Various - Oh! Carolina Jamaican Hits 1961 - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

'1961' of the Double CD series charting the rise of Jamaican music from the late 1950s issued by Secret Records subsidiary label Sunrise Records

The story of how Jamaica's modern recording business developed from being a virtual one-man operation into a global industry has often been told, but never without with a degree of subjectivity. Until now"

PresentingVarious - Oh! Carolina Jamaican Chart Hits Of 1961'- the ultimate collection featuring the most popular Jamaican hits that eventually invaded British shores and influenced a generation. Based on the hits chart of the legendary Jamaican radio station RJR, many of the songs were part of a burgeoning demand for the home-grown talent that was developing.

Upon RJR's inception in 1959, its chart did not feature a single homemade Jamaican record but as it gained in popularity and influence all over the island, the music scene grew with it. Incorporating elements of dreamy Doo-wop ballads and American blues music, the emerging "˜sound' formed the basis of Reggae and Ska. Within 2 years the scene had become an exciting and competitive market with many individuals and companies such as Duke Reid with Trojan and Chris Blackwell of Island beginning to see its potential for overseas distribution.

'Various - Oh! Carolina Jamaican Chart Hits Of 1961'features many of the artists that started as innovators and went on to become legends of Reggae/Ska including Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan, The Folkes Brothers, Erick Morris and many more. With each disc representing the most popular 28 tracks from the respective halves of 1961 as well as extensive sleeve notes from Record Collector's Mike Atherton, the result is a truly fascinating, informative and most importantly, hugely enjoyable listening experience.


1. Mary Lee - Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats
2. Lover's Jive - Neville Esson with Clue J & the Blues Blasters
3. Till The End Of Time - Chuck & Dobby with Duke Reid & His Group
4. Judgment Day - Laurel Aitken with Ken Richards & His Harmonisers
5. Lover Boy - Derrick Morgan with Duke Reid & His Group
6. Little Lady - Theophilus Beckford with Clue J. & His City Slickers
7. More Whiskey - Laurel Aitken with Duke Reid & His Group
8. Sad Over You - Chuck & Dobby
9. Pretty Little Baby - Teddy Brown & The Starline Troubadors
10. It's Only A Pity - Keith & Enid with The Craibs
11. Wherever Ther's Moonlight - Wilfred Edwards & The Caribs
12. Lovey Dovey - Chuck & Dobby
13. Over The River - The Jiving Juniors & Hersang & His City Slickers
14. Heaven Just Knows - Wilfred Edwards
15. Cool School - Chuck & Dobby with Duke Reid & His Group
16. Leave Earth - Derrick Morgan with Clue J & His Blues Blasters
17. No More Wedding - The Mellow Larks with & Clue J & His Blues Blasters
18. S-U-C-K-I-N' - Kes Chin & the Souvenirs
19. Now We Know - Derrick Morgan & Eric Morris with The Trenton Spence Orchestra
20. Oh Carolina - The Folkes Brothers & Count Ossie Afro-Combo
21. River Jordan - Clancy Eccles with Hersan & His City Slickers
22. Times Are Going - Martin & Derrick with Sir Cavalier's Combo
23. Come On Home - Higgs & Wilson
24. Sinners Weep - Owen Gray with Hersan & His City Slickers
25. Sweeter Than Honey - Chuck & Dobby
26. Say That You Love Me - Eric Morris
27. Donna - The Blues Busters with Hersan & His City Slickers
28. Bennison Joy Hop - Cecil Lloyd & Buster's All Stars


1. Search The World - Eric Morris
2. Slop "˜N' Mash - The Jiving Juniors with The Caribs
3. Little Willie - Clue J & The Blues Blasters
4. Oh Ma, Oh Pa - The Melody Enchanters
5. Sha Ba Da - Higgs & Wilson
6. Buster's Shack - Buster's All Stars
7. Another Moses - The Mellow Cats with Count Ossie's Warricka's
8. Thinkin' Of You - The Downbeats
9. Don Cosmic - Don Drummond
10. Verona - Jimmy Sinclair & Trenton Spence & His Orchestra
11. Ba Ba Black Sheep - Cecil Byrd & Sir Dee's Group
12. In And Out The Window - Monty & Roy with Drumbago's Orchestra
13. A Thousand Teardrops - The Rhythm Aces
14. Girls Rush - Lloyd Clarke
15. I Love You No More - Wilfred Edwards
16. (Jamaican) Referendum Calypso - Lord Laro
17. Feel So Fine - Derrick & Patsy with Drumbago's Band
18. Last Night - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
19. Rock A Man Soul - The Mellow Cats with Count Ossie & The Warrickas
20. Let The Good Times Roll - Derrick& Patsy with Drumbago & His Harmonisers
21. Humpty Dumpty - Eric "˜Humpty Dumpty' Morris & Drumbago's All Stars
22. Freedom - Clancy Eccles with Aubrey Adams & His Dew Droppers
23. Ther's Always Sunshine - The Blues Busters with Hersang & His City Slickers
24. Oh My Darling - The Rhythm Aces
25. Chubby - Bunny & Skitter with Buster's Group
26. Your Love - The Blues Busters
27. How Can I Be Sure - Higgs & Wilson
28. What Have I Done - Keith & Enid