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Red Express

Red Express - 59th Street - CD Album



Red Express is a six-piece band hailing from the UK and the US. Comprised of lead vocalist Dennis Andrews, Bill Sharpe Keyboards, Jumbo Barker Bass, Mark Jackson Guitars, Keith Winter Guitars, Brian Wren Drums. The band first got together 45 years ago and only recently come back together to revitalise their song catalogue with a new album '59th Street' showcasing their unique blend of jazz-fusion and soul. Red Express' signature sound, which features catchy melodies, soaring guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics. The opening track "Red Thing" sets the tone with its driving beat and infectious chorus, while the dreamy ballad "Fairweather Girl" showcases Andrew's emotive vocals. Throughout the album, Red Express demonstrates their versatility and range, incorporating elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul and even a hint of electronic music into their sound. But at its core, "59th Street" is an album about connection and the power of music to bring people together.



1. Red Thing (3:31)
2. You Won’t Let Go (5:16)
3. 59th Street (4:08)
4. Waiting For The Man (5:49)
5. Late Night Flight (5:47)
6. Casper Crispin (5:34)
7. Don’t Worry 'bout Me (4:00)
8. Fairweather Girl (8:03)