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Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan - Fat Man Live In London - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD + DVD

Filmed And Recorded Live At The 100 Club London, 13th September 2008.


1. Man In The Street
2. Reggae Train
3. Forward March
4. In My Heart
5. Ben Johnson Day
6. Don't Call Me Daddy
7. Johnny Pram Pram
8. Miss Lulu
9. Ride The Rhythm
10. Conquering Ruler (I Am The Conqueror)
11. Medley Number 1
11A. The Hop
11B. (I'm Gonna) Put It On
11C. 0.0.7 (Shanky Town)
12. Woman A Grumble
13. Medley Number 2
13A. Greedy Gal
13B. Hold You Jack
13C. I Love You
13D. Wet Dream
14. Rudies In Court
15. SKA - Medley Number 3
15A. Fat Man
15B. Be Still
15C. She's Gone
15D. I Want A Girl To Dance With Me
15E. Leave Her Alone
15F. War Paint
15G. See And Blind
15H. Bad Minded People
15I. They Got To Come
15J. Time Longer Than Rope
15K. Helena (Darling)
15L. The Fits Is On Me
15M. Six And Seven Books Of Moses
15N. Humpty Dumpty
15O. Money Can't Buy Life
15P. Blackhead Chinaman
16. Blazing Fire
17. Skinhead - Medley Number 4
17A. Moon Hop
17B. 54-46 Was My Number