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Sam Gopal

Sam Gopal - Escalator - Vinyl LP+7"



Format: LP+7"


Sam Gopal took up the tabla in Malaysia at the age of 7, before coming to study music in Britain in 1962. By the mid 1960's, Indian music was exerting a huge influence on Western rock, most notably on the Beatles (with Indian influences all over "˜Revolver' and "˜Sergeant Pepper'), but also on the Rolling Stones (exemplified by Brian Jones playing sitar on "˜Paint It, Black') and the Moody Blues, for whom Justin Hayward played tabla and sitar on the "˜In Search Of The Lost Chord' album.The time was right for a genuine exponent of Indian music to come to the fore. Sam Gopal put together his first group, "˜Sam Gopal's Dream' in 1966. They quickly became a feature of the psychedelic scene, playing at the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream at Alexandra Palace in 1967 and sharing stages with such giants as Pink Floyd, the Move and Jimi Hendrix.



A1. Cold Embrace
A2. The Dark Lord
A3. The Sky Is Burning
A4. You’re Alone Now
A5. Grass
A6. It's Only Love

B1. Escalator
B2. Angry Faces
B3. Midsummer Nights Dream
B4. Season Of The Witch
B5. Yesterlove

7" Tracklisting
A1. Horse
B1. Back Door Man


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