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The Fall

The Fall - White Lightning - White Vinyl LP



Presented on white vinyl with sleeve notes 'White Lightning' encompasses the period between 1978 and 2001, just short of two-thirds of the group's four-decade existence.

The Fall is known for their distinctive and unconventional sound, marked by Mark E. Smith's often inscrutable lyrics, abrasive vocals, and a constantly evolving line up of musicians.

Throughout their career, The Fall released numerous albums and singles. Their music was characterized by a mix of punk rock, experimental rock, and a unique sense of irony and humor.

The Fall had a devoted following and influenced many bands and artists within the post-punk and alternative music scenes. Mark E. Smith was a prolific songwriter and a distinctive voice in the world of music. He passed away in 2018, but the legacy of The Fall continues to be celebrated by fans and musicians alike.


Side 1
1. Frightened (5.01)
2. Before The Moon (4.34)
3. Flat Of Angles (4.57)
4. Jawbone & The Rifle (3.45)
5. Extricate (3.48)

Side 2
1. Your Heart Out (3.09)
2. Bill Is Dead (4.34)
3. Black Monk Theme 1 (4.34)
4. Black Monk Theme 2 (2.02)
5. Gotta See Jane (2.23)