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The Bluetones

The Bluetones - Bluetonic - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD + DVD

Formed in Hounslow, West London in 1994, and originally known as the Bottlegarden, the Bluetones followed the classic 4-piece band template with Mark Morriss on vocals, his brother Scott on bass and vocals, Adam Devlin on guitar and Eds Chesters on drums.
Snapped up by A&M, the somewhat Oasisey "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind", the band's first single in mid 1995, made a few ripples, nudging its way to the verge of the UK top 30. Riding the Brit-pop wave but not constrained by it, by the time of their splendid second single, "Bluetonic" in October of that year, it was clear that the band's palette contained many more colours. It is here that the Rickenbackery jangle-pop of Adam Devlin's guitar hero, the Smiths' Johnny Marr, can first be discerned. Somewhat unusually for a pop song, amongst the song-writing credits is one for an acclaimed poet, Adrian Henry, as the band incorporated an adapted version of his marvellous poem "Celia, Celia" into the song.
"Bluetonic" reached the top 20, but by the time of their third single, "Slight Return", in early 1996, excitement around the band had reached fever-pitch. Another jangly classic, with a bit of a Stone Rosesy vibe, it shot to number 2, and was followed very shortly by the band's first album, "Expecting To Fly", which succeeded in knocking the Oasis album "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" off the number 1 perch. Singer Mark Morriss has credited classic 60's band Buffalo Springfield as his biggest influence, and the album title references what is arguably their finest song.
More sleeve notes in booklet in CD/DVD album.

Track Listing

1. The Jub-Jub Bird
2. Bluetonic
3. Liquid Lips
4. Carn't Be Trusted
5. Keep The Home Fires Burning
6. The Fountainhead
7. Happy Lobotomy
8. Marblehead Johnson
9. Cut Some Rug
10. Serenity Now
11. Fast Boy
12. I Was A Teenage Jesus
13. Mine In The Morning
14. Slight Return
15. Never Going Nowhere
16. Nae Hair On't
17. Solomon Bites The Worm
18. If

Sound Format Digital 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo PCM
DVD 9 Dual Layer Format
Colour NTSC (Will Play Worldwide)
Running Time Approx. 75 mins
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Recorded & Filmed at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 18th November 2005.