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The Wildhearts - Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know - CD Album

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Format: CD

Secret Records are releasing a live CD/DVD set from the British rock band to coincide with their upcoming UK tour.

The 'Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know' pack consists of the live DVD 'The Wildhearts: Live At Scarborough Castle' and the live CD 'Geordie In Wonderland'. This concert was recorded in September 2005 and features the original line-up playing a collection of the Wildhearts best loved anthems.

Although the 90's saw the band covered like a living soap opera in the press with tales of sex, drugs, bust ups, fights, splits, more drugs and a lot more controversy, The Wildhearts continued to survive right at the very heart of the symbiotic relationship between triumph and calamity - their refusal to collapse and disappear the undeniable cornerstone of their popularity. The sheer joy and love that pours from this band to their fans and back again has always outweighed the self-destructive tendencies. This live album - laden as it is with heart, soul, ferocity and fire, tenderness and turbulence, love, hate and all the points in between - is a celebration of that indestructible connection.

As the band now prepares to embark on a special tour of the UK, Secret Records issues the CD/DVD double pack 'Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know', featuring their most famous and loved songs captured during a raucous set in the unlikely setting of Scarborough Castle. With hits such as "˜I Wanna Go Where The People Go', 'Greetings From Shitsvill', '29 X The Pain', 'Suckerpunch' and many more, this is the definitive live set for any Wildhearts fan.

Enjoy a fantastic live experience from a band whose creative output and legendary live shows have been second to none.

1. I Wanna Go Where The People Go
2. Sick Of Drugs
3. Shitsville
4. Nita Nitro
5. Stormy In The North - Karma In The South
6. TV Tan
7. Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes
8. Everlone
9. Geordie In Wonderland
10. Vanilla Radio
11. Caffeine Bomb
12. Suckerpunch
13. My Baby Is A Headfuck
14. 29 x The Pain
15. Love You Til I Don't

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