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The Tornados

The Tornados - Close Encounters With The Tornados - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

Double CD comprising eight tracks from the early 60's including Telstar and Jungle Fever, plus from 2007, 21 tracks of mainly Sci Fi themes, including Fireball XL5, Dr.Who and Space Oddity. Plus re-recordings including Telstar, Robot and Globetrotter.Secret Records are releasing a double CD of original tracks, re-recordings and new Sci-fi covers by The Tornados.
Created by seminal record producer Joe Meek as his studio session group, The Tornados original and most famous line-up consisted of Alan Caddy (guitar), Clem Cattini (drums), Heinz Burt (bass), George Bellamy (rhythm guitar) and Roger LaVern (keyboards). Their instrumental material was composed and produced by Meek, and frequently had a futuristic sound which reflected Meek's interest in electronics and sound manipulation. Although their first single "Love And Fury" bombed, they later enjoyed several chart hits in their own right. The follow-up "Telstar" became a number one hit in both the UK and USA making them the first British group ever to top the US Hot Hundred, and the only serious rivals to The Shadows.

This double CD comprises eight tracks from the early 60's, including "Telstar" and "Jungle Fever", plus 21 tracks of mainly Sci-fi themes, including "Fireball XL5", "Doctor Who" and "Space Oddity" from 2007 as well as re-recordings including "Telstar", "Robot" and "Globetrotter".

Track listing:

CD 1

1. Telstar
2. Popeye Twist
3. Love And Fury
4. Jungle Fever
5. Ridin' The Wind
6. Dreamin' On A Cloud
7. Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue
8. Earthy
9. Telstar
10. Globetrotter
11. Ridin The Wind
12. Robot
13. Life On Venus
14. Dr Who
15. Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001

CD 2

1. Space Oddity
2. Trip To Pluto
3. Barbarella
4. Starman
5. Star Wars
6. Time Machine
7. Thunderbirds
8. Close Encounters
9. Nights In White Saturn
10. Star Trek
11. Red Dwarf
12. Logan's Run
13. Fireball XL5
14. Generation X