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The Blackstones

The Blackstones - Insight - Vinyl LP



Format: LP

There is conclusive evidence that the fabulous BLACKSTONES are the latest stunning emergence of impeccable voices, discovered by Phil Pratt.
They stand as Britain's answer to a host of JA's top vocal outfits. This spectacular vocal unit is made up of Leon Lieffer, Neville Henry and Byron Otis, three very charming individuals.
Their roots go back into the early seventies.
Leon, the founder member - was previously a member of a young and promising vocal outfit called the Mighty Soul Rebels.
The highly respected Roy Shirley introduced Leon to Neville Henry, who had already built himself a good reputation as a continuous talent contest winner.
The third member, Byron Otis had cemented a firm reputation with 'Sugar Bum' his debut record for Lloyd Coxsone. He replaced Ben Cookery in the line-up.
Once settled as a unit, confidence in their own abilities led them to produce themselves - with the aid of Fay Adderson - on their debut disc, a rendition of The Melodians 'Little Nut Tre'. Such stunning self-compositions as 'Can't Get No Money' and We Nah Go Suffer' followed. This led to their next record, a soothing rendition of Danny Clark's 'Babylon Trap Them'.
The zealous threesome then came under the wing of one of JA's ace record producers - Phil Pratt.
A string of memorable hits with such spectacular reggae artists and groups as: Ken Boothe, Pat Kelly, Jimmy London, John Holt, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, AI Campbell and the Heptones - along with many others, has polished his reputation in reggae music.
For Phil Pratt they first recorded a song titled 'Revolution Tim', followed in due course by the rest of this album.
So this irresistible and highly impressive trio is Phil's protégé, one certainly to be proud of.
'May soothing moods embed your feelings'.
(Based on original sleeve notes by John Williams of Black Echoes)
Recorded At 'Channel One' & 'Joe Gibbs' studios, Kingston, Jamaica.
Crucial Bunny Mixer at 'Channel One'.
Vocals & Major Lead Guitars: Laid down at Chalk Farm studios, North London, England. Produced by Phil Pratt.
Classic Reggae Album Originally Released 1979. First time on CD or 180 gram vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Hey, Hey, Hey
2. Come On And Dance
3. Open The Gates
4. True, True, True
5. Peace And Love
6. Kalwazians
7. Spreading Rumours
8. Soul Shake Down Party
9. Love Me Girl
10. Revelation