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Freddie McGregor

Freddie McGregor - Love At First Sight - CD Album



Format: CD

Born 27th June 1956 in the rural parish of Clarendon, Freedie McGregor started singing harmonies at the tender age of seven as 'Little Freedie' with The Clarendonians, a local vocal duo comprising Ernest 'Fitzroy' Wilson and Peter Austin. The Clarendonians were incredibly popular during the ska era.
One of the most highly respected singer-songwriters in Kingston's competitive music business- Freddie McGregor, having spent nearly two decades building his reputation with a series of seven inch records and live performances finally released 'Freddie' his debut album, in 1979.

1. First Sight Loving
2. Tease My Love
3. Beautiful Music
4. Work Man Song
5. Love Jah So
6. Sweet Sweet Love
7. Death Angels
8. No Competition
9. Run Satan Out