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The Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls - Olgacoustic - CD Album



Format: CD

Singer, guitar player and songwriter 'Olga' from The Toy Dolls releases a brand new album of his songs played in a totally naked acoustic format!
It has been 3 years since The Toy Dolls last studio album 'The Album After The Last On'. Centered around front man Michael Olga, the band has never fallen short of providing the guitar-widdling madness that graces each record, and this new album features acoustic versions of 15 of the band's tunes in their own brand of comic punk rock that has generated them a dedicated fan-base across the world.

What more can be said of the Toy Dolls that hasn't already been said, sung or shouted over their 35 year career? Formed in Sunderland, the Toy Dolls achieved recognition with their first album 'Dig That Groove Baby' in 1983, and went on to find chart success with their 1984 cover of 'Nellie the Elephant'.

'Olgacoustic' features Olga's favourite acoustic versions of 15 of the band's greatest tunes such as 'Dig That Groove Baby', 'Idle Gossip', 'Olga I Cannot' and 'Barry The Roofer'.


1. Theme Tune
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Sh'll Be Back With Keith Someday
4. Idle Gossip
5. The Death Of Barry the Roofer With Vertigo
6. PC Stoker
7. Dirty Doreen
8. Deidr's A Slag
9. Olga I Cannot
10. You Won't Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry
11. Poor Davey
12. My Wif's A Psychopath
13. Alfie From The Bronx
14. Bitten By A Bed Bug
15. Theme Tune