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The Toy Dolls/ Christophe Sauniere

The Toy Dolls/ Christophe Sauniere - Classic Toy Dolls - CD Album



Format: CD

Punk legends The Toy Dolls have their most famous songs covered by classical musicians!?
Every once in a while, an album will come along that will make heads turn, brows sweat and curiosity jump with excitement. For classical music lovers and Toy Dolls punk fans - this is that album.
Presenting 'Classic Toy Dolls', the ultimate tribute album to any punk band ever, by French harpist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Christophe Saunière. Taking many of the most popular Toy Dolls songs, such as 'Credit Crunch Christmas' and 'Fiery Jack', Sauniere has devotedly transcribed, arranged, conducted and played them out as classical pieces of music! "˜What does this include?' you may ask" well be prepared for harp solos, opera singing and all your favorite Toy Dolls sing-a-long melodies beautifully played by a range of fantastic musicians.
For those wondering about the driving force behind this ambitious project, Christophe Sauniere is the man with the credentials in abundance for both classical and rock music. As a harpist he has cut his teeth with the French Symphonic Orchestra, Scottish Royal National Orchestra and played on many notable film scores (Titanic, Star Wars - Episode 1). Within other genres he has filled the role of drummer and bassist for various rock, jazz and world music groups; currently he is playing in McIver/Sauniere; a Celtic flavored folk duo that Sauniere makes up half of.
And what more can be said of the Toy Dolls that hasn't already been said, sung or shouted over their 33 year career? Having released their 12th studio album 'The Album After the Last On' in March to critical acclaim, the band are currently fulfilling a long list of dates that sees them travelling the world entertaining their rabid fan-base with their vigorous live shows.
'Classic Toy Dolls' was initially conceived as a one track tribute by the aforementioned classically-trained punk rock fanatic but as the initial recordings were received so well by the band and record label alike there was no doubt that this project should be limited to just one track or a limited release. Completed by an arduously selected set of 13 more fan favorites, this is an album to be taken as lightly as it sounds.
So prepare your ears for a once in a lifetime listening opportunity; classic Toy Dolls punk rock anthems beautifully arranged and played by a set of very talented, classical musicians. A clash of style and culture that shouldn't work, but surprisingly does.

http://bit.ly/Syt4cD - Check out the animation video for 'Firey Jack' (Opera version)!


01. Theme Tune
02. Glenda And The Test Tube Baby
03. Idle Gossip
04. Firey Jack
05. The Lambrusco Kid
06. Tommy Koweys Car
07. Alec's Gone
08. Alfie From The Bronx
09. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant
10. Fisticuffs In Fredrick Street
11. Worse Things Happen At Sea
12. Back In 79
13. Credit Crunch Christmas
14. Dougy Giro
15. Theme Tune