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Fickle Pickle

Fickle Pickle - A Complete Pickle - CD Album



Format: CD

3 CD set including previously unreleased recordings. Limited edition only. 24 page booklet + extensive sleeve notes about the band. Mastered from original tapes. CD2 includes previously unreleased recordings from the Morgan Blue Town tape library. CD3 - previously unreleased studio rehearsal for Netherlands tour


CD1 - Sinful Skinful original album plus singles

  1. California Calling
  2. Sinful Skinful
  3. Sandy
  4. Doctor Octopus
  5. Saturday
  6. Only For The Summer
  7. Let Me Tell You
  8. Down Smokey Lane
  9. Blown Away
  10. Sunshine Pie
  11. Barcelona
  12. Our Time Is Thru
  13. Millionaire
  14. Sam And Sadie
  15. Maybe I'm Amazed
  16. Sitting On A Goldmine
  17. American Pie
  18. Just An Old Fashioned Love Song
  19. Ask The People
  20. The Letter
  21. Here And Now


  1. Goodnight
  2. Keep On Doing What You Do To Me
  3. Do You Remember My Name
  4. Tell Me
  5. Playing With Magic
  6. Bringing It All Back Home
  7. Time To Go (Cliff vocal)
  8. The Man With One Leg
  9. Through The Days
  10. Like A Good Man Should
  11. Old Feet, New Socks
  12. Poor Little Frogs
  13. Sweet Wilfred - A Rodent Of Note
  14. Ride Ride Ride
  15. Guy Fawkes
  16. Jesus Cristo
  17. Holiday Farm
  18. Time To Go (Wil Vocal)
  19. Buena Vista
  20. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  21. Everyday
  22. Let Me Be The One
  23. I Need You
  24. Ring Me
  25. I Love Every Little Thing About You
  26. Do Wah Diddy Diddy


  1. Maybe I'm Amazed
  2. Sinful Skinful
  3. People I Know
  4. Only For The Summer
  5. Bringing It All Back Home
  6. You've Got A Friend
  7. Silently - But I Do
  8. Woodstock
  9. Sandy
  10. Down Smokey Lane
  11. ---interlude---
  12. Buena Vista
  13. California Calling
  14. Let Me Tell You
  15. Time To Go

A big "Thank You" to Jude for letting us use her Super-8mm film. You can find Jud's short film of Fickle Pickle in Amsterdam by visiting YouTube (here). A rare and unique footage never previously published.

Special thanks to Danny Beckerman (5th Pickle) a very supportive friend and Zeke Lund (6th Pickle) for his excellent engineering on our sessions.