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Judd Proctor

Judd Proctor - Guitars Galore - Vinyl LP



Re-issue of 1968 album by British jazz guitarist (born January 2, 1933 in Doncaster, England).

He played with Norman Burns, "Ray Ellington's Quartet", Benny Goodman (in tour in England, 1971), "Don Lusher's Big Band", and as a session man in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
Judd uses varying permutations of the following instruments on various tracks. Twelve string guitar, electric Fender guitar, electric Gibson guitar (L4) with a Charlie Christian bar pick-up, and a Maton acoustic guitar.



Side 1
1. Avanavocada
2. Santa Maria
3. Kate Walk
4. Tall Girl
5. Fabiola
6. Fruity

Side 2
1. Guitars Galore
2. Chelsea Cat
3. La Gamba
4. Red Pepper
5. Sweet Wahine
6. Sounds Of Mars
7. Janie