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Gerry Beckley

Gerry Beckley - Discovering America - LP + CD Album



Recorded June 1970 at Morgan Studios in Willesden NW London, where Gerry Beckley worked as a tape op, so these are tracks he did with the assistance of locally-based musicians and probably Dan Peek, who was in London at that point, just prior to their formation of America with Dewey Bunnell.


America then recorded ‘Horse with No Name’ at the same studio.


Released for the first time on collectible 10” vinyl with a CD version.


Track listing for both Vinyl + CD


  •  We Should Be Free (2.42)
  • Empty Road 2.30
  • (Our Love Is) Spinning (2.13)
  • Coca Cola (1.55)
  • Turning (2.16)
  • Today (2.00)
  • Aphrodite (3.18)