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Orange Bicycle

Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle - CD Album



Format: CD

Orange Bicycle were formed in early 1967, an English Pop/Psych band who were mainly studio based throughout their short existence. The band were made up of various musicians throughout the years, namely lead singer Robert J Scales (under his stage name Rob Storm), John Bachini (Bass), Kevin Curry (Drums), Bernie Lee (Guitar) and Wilson Malone (Vocals, Keyboards and Drums). Wil Malone would later go on to play in various bands such as ‘Fickle Pickle’, ‘Bobak, Jons, Malone’ and the second incarnation of ‘The Smoke’, as well as release a solo LP of notable worth.

The band played a style of music influenced by The Beach Boys, The Beatles and the hippy culture of the time, as well as by other groups like The Rolling Stones. They also regularly had a gig as backing band for the British duo Paul and Barry Ryan.

Many of the band members had been playing and making music through most of the 1960's in 'Rob Storm and the Whispers' when they toured as England's answer to the Beach Boys, and later, as fashions changed, they morphed into 'The Rob Storm Group'. Finally when the psychedelic revolution arrived they re-named themselves ‘Orange Bicycle’.

Their first single as Orange Bicycle, "Hyacinth Threads", was a number 1 hit in France and successful in other European countries.

In 1968, the band started to cover various songs from the time such as The Rolling Stones’ "Sing This All Together", The Beatles’ "Carry That Weight", Bob Dylan’s "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" and Elton John’s "Take Me To The Pilot" in an attempt to hit the big time. These tracks are featured here on this CD release of their classic LP which came out via Parlophone Records under the name Orange Bicycle. 

Much of the later material was produced by the one and only Jonathan Peel with cover artwork and photos by the legendary HIPGNOSIS design.


1. Lady Samantha
2. Country Comforts
3. The Sweet Thing Is
4. Make It Rain
5. Say You Don't Mind
6. Hallelujah Moon
7. Jelly On The Bread
8. Take Me To The Pilot
9. Come Tomorrow Morning
10. Back
11. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
12. Hyacinth Threads
13. Laura's Garden
14. Early Pearly Morning
15. Jenskadajka
16. Sing This All Together
17. Last Cloud Home
18. Trip On An Orange Bicycle