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Dry Ice

Dry Ice - Dry Ice - Vinyl LP



Format: Vinyl LP

Contains Insert with sleevenotes.

Recorded 4th May 1969 at I.B.C. Sound Recording Studios, London.

Feat: Ian McDonald (King Crimson & Foreigner) on Flute.

The roots of Dry Ice go back to 1965, when guitarist Paul Gardner first joined up with drummer Terry Sullivan. Paul's band, The Select, were recording at Joe Meek's Holloway Road studios. In a legendary fit of pique Joe announced that if this partnership was to progress then the drummer had to go. Poor Stef, such is rock 'n' roll...enter Terry.

Terry's first live gig was the Tiger's Head, Catford, which was a big gig on the rock circuit mid 60's. Later that year the other guitarist, Pat Allen quit, taking the PA with him.

Paul and Terry then embarked on a musical journey with various bass players, including cousin Johnny Crooks and brother Derek.

The album was unreleased for 49 years for no reason. We found the master tapes and Paul Gardner was incredible helpful getting the record out.

Enjoy Dry Ice's magnificent Psych Rock album.



A1. Clear White Light
A2. She Gave
A3. Running To The Convent (Single version)
A4. Fake It
A5. Chinese House
A6. Falling Down

B1. Good Friday
B2. Lalia
B3. Nowhere To Go
B4. Untitled ‘67
B5. Running To The Convent (Demo)
B6. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue