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David H. Lee

David H. Lee - Meet David. H. Lee - CD Album



Meet David H. Lee, the son of a miner who began singing as a semi-professional while still very young and at 16 became the resident singer with a dance band.

National service claimed him for a while during which time he became an area lightweight boxing champion.

Returning to ‘Civvy Street’, his ambition was to break into show business but while waiting for ‘The Break’ he took all kinds of jobs such as milkman, salesman, electrician’s mate, etc. His patience and perseverance were rewarded when he began singing in clubs in the North and North East of England as a professional entertainer, rapidly becoming a firm favourite with his deep, resonant voice and relaxed performance of Folk and Country and Western-type songs to which his voice is particularly suited and some of which he performs to the accompaniment of his own guitar.


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1. South Of The Border
2. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
3. He'll Have To Go
4. Kissin' Time
5. You're The Only One
6. Scram
7. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
8. The Story Of My Life
9. Johnny's Eyes
10. Just Loving You
11. How Are Things In Glocca Morra
12. Only The Heartaches