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Leroy Smart

Leroy Smart - Dread Hot in Africa Vinyl LP



Format: LP

Leroy Smart was born in 1952; he was orphaned at the age of two and raised at Maxfield Park Children's Home. Smart was educated at Alpha Boy's School where he studied singing, drums and dancing.
In 1969 Leroy recorded his first single 'It Pains Me' for producer Mr Caribbean. In 1970 he recorded 'Ethiopia' for Joe Gibbs and the first version of one of his most famous songs 'Pride and Ambition' with producer Gussie Clarke.
Leroy's breakthrough came in 1973 when he released 'Mother Liza' produced by Jimmy Radway when it topped the local singles chart. 'Pride and Ambition' also became a big hit. In 1976 he released 'Ballistic Affair' with Bunny Lee at Channel One; it became one of his best known songs. Leroy Smart now has over 35 albums and still continues to record. In Jamaica Leroy is regarded as one the most outrageous and colourful character's.


A1. Jah Jah Forgive Them
A2. Beautiful Rainbow
A3. Africa
A4. Babylon Wicked
A5. I Love You Girl
A6. Love In My Heart
B1. African Woman
B2. Give Jah Praises
B3. No Love
B4. Love Everyone
B5. Just Tell Me
B6. Mister Smart