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Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses

Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses - Ride With The Rasses - RED Vinyl LP



Ride with the Rasses was an unequivocal statement of Prince Lincoln’s Rastafarian faith and a discernible demonstration that his “determination (was) inexhaustible”. The LP found favour with listeners worldwide, but, without the extensive, expensive promotion and publicity a major label could provide the album went relatively unheard outside of those who had kept the faith with conscious music making. This Burning Sounds re-release will, hopefully, secure a long overdue measure of re-appraisal and positive reassessment.
Vocals – Prince Lincoln Thompson

Album first released in 1983.
180 gram Red vinyl.
Includes Insert with Sleeve Notes.



Side 1
1. One Common Need (4:25)
2. Kinky Money Game (4:49)
3. Come Spring (3:56)

Side 2
1. Fall Back (3:58)
2. The Brotherhood Of Man (5:26)
3. Ride With The Rasses (5:32)
4. No Future At All (5:11)