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Various - Down Home Blues Classics California & The West Coast 1948 Volume 4 - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

56 tracks Digitally Remastered
2 Disc CD
8 page colour booklet
Slip case


1. K.C. Douglas-Mercury Blues
2. Sidney Maiden-Eclipse Of The Sun
3. Little Son Willis-Bad Luck And Trouble
4. Little Son Willis-Operator Blues
5. BlackDiamond-T.P. Railer
6. BlackDiamond-Lonesome Blues
7. Sonny Boy Johnson-Desert Blues
8. Sonny Boy Johnson-Come And Go With Me
9. Willie B Huff-Beggar Man Blues
10. Willie B Huff-I've Been Thinkin' And Thinkin'
11. Brother Jackson-L.C. Boogie
12. Junior Hampton-J.H. Stomp
13. Little Son Willis-Harlem Blues
14. Little Son Willis-I Love You Just The Way You Are
15. Sonny Boy Johnson-Walkin' And Cryin' Blues
16. Sonny Boy Johnson-I've Got The $64,000 Question
17. Jerry Perkins-P38 Stomp
18. Jerry Perkins-My Baby's Last Goodbye
19. Slim Green-Alla Blues
20. Slim Green-Central Avenue Blues
21. Ernest McClay-Big Timing Woman
22. Ernest McClay-Night Working Woman
23. Buddy Lewis-You've Got Good Business
24. Buddy Lewis-Lonesome Bedroom Blues
25. Jerry Perkins-Katherine Blues
26. Jerry Perkins-Knockin' The Boogie
27. Al Prince-Don't Love A Married Woman
28. Al Prince-Wine Talk


1. King Davis-Someday You'll Understand
2. King Davis-Waggin' Your Tail
3. Beverly Scott-Southern California Blues
4. Beverly Scott-Shakin' The Boogie
5. Little Son Willis-Skin And Bone
6. Little Son Willis-Nothing But The Blues
7. Slim Green-Baby I Love You
8. Slim Green-Tricky Woman Blues
9. Little Willie Cotton-Gonna Shook It Up And Go
10. Little Willie Cotton-A Dream
11. Sonny Boy Holmes-I Got Them Blues `
12. Sonny Boy Holmes-T-N-T Woman
13. Goldrush-All My Money Is Gone
14. K.C. Douglas-Lonely Blues
15. K.C. Douglas-K.C. Boogie
16. Little Son Willis-Roll Me Over Slow
17. Little Son Willis-Baby Come Back Home
18. Sonny Boy Johnson-Swimming Pool Blues
19. Sonny Boy Johnson-I've Been Drinkin' My Last Drink
20. Beverly Scott-Brownskin Woman
21. Beverly Scott-Little Girl Blues
22. Willie B Huff-I Love You Baby
23. Willie B Huff-Operator 209
24. Sidney Maiden-Hurry Hurry Baby
25. Sidney Maiden-Everything Is Wrong
26. Haskell Sadler-Do Right Mind
27. Haskell Sadler-Gone For Good
28. Alvin Smith-On My Way