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Various - Oh! Carolina - Jamaican Hits 1961 - 2CD Album

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Format: 2CD Album

The story of how Jamaica's modern recording business developed from being a virtual one-man operation into a global industry has often been told, but never without with a degree of subjectivity. Until now…. The result is a truly fascinating, informative, and most importantly, hugely enjoyable listening experience.


01.Mary Lee - Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats
02.Lover's Jive - Neville Esson with Clue J & the Blues Blasters
03.Till The End Of Time - Chuck & Dobby with Duke Reid & His Group
04.Judgment Day - Laurel Aitken with Ken Richards & His Harmonisers
05.Lover Boy - Derrick Morgan with Duke Reid & His Group
06.Little Lady - Theophilus Beckford with Clue J. & His City Slickers
07.More Whiskey - Laurel Aitken with Duke Reid & His Group
08.Sad Over You - Chuck & Dobby
09.Pretty Little Baby - Teddy Brown & The Starline Troubadors
10.It's Only A Pity - Keith & Enid with The Craibs
11.Wherever There's Moonlight - Wilfred Edwards & The Caribs
12.Lovey Dovey - Chuck & Dobby
13.Over The River - The Jiving Juniors & Hersang & His City Slickers
14.Heaven Just Knows - Wilfred Edwards

15.Cool School - Chuck & Dobby with Duke Reid & His Group
16.Leave Earth - Derrick Morgan with Clue J & His Blues Blasters
17.No More Wedding - The Mellow Larks with & Clue J & His Blues Blasters
18.S-U-C-K-I-N' - Kes Chin & the Souvenirs
19.Now We Know - Derrick Morgan & Eric Morris
20.Oh Carolina - The Folkes Brothers & Count Ossie Afro-Combo
21.River Jordan - Clancy Eccles with Hersan & His City Slickers
22.Times Are Going - Martin & Derrick with Sir Cavalier's Combo
23.Come On Home - Higgs & Wilson
24.Sinners Weep - Owen Gray with Hersan & His City Slickers
25.Sweeter Than Honey - Chuck & Dobby
26.Say That You Love Me - Eric Morris
27.Donna - The Blues Busters with Hersan & His City Slickers
28.Bennison Joy Hop - Cecil Lloyd & Buster's All Stars

01.Search The World - Eric Morris
02.Slop 'N' Mash - The Jiving Juniors with The Caribs
03.Little Willie - Clue J & The Blues Blasters
04.Oh Ma, Oh Pa - The Melody Enchanters
05.Sha Ba Da - Higgs & Wilson
06.Buster's Shack - Buster's All Stars
07.Another Moses - The Mellow Cats with Count Ossie's Warricka's
08.Thinkin' Of You - The Downbeats
09.Don Cosmic - Don Drummond
10.Verona - Jimmy Sinclair & Trenton Spence & His Orchestra
11.Ba Ba Black Sheep - Cecil Byrd & Sir Dee's Group
12.In And Out The Window - Monty & Roy with Drumbago's Orchestra
13.A Thousand Teardrops - The Rhythm Aces
14.Girls Rush - Lloyd Clarke
15.I Love You No More - Wilfred Edwards
16.(Jamaican) Referendum Calypso - Lord Laro
17.Feel So Fine - Derrick & Patsy with Drumbago's Band
18.Last Night - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
19.Rock A Man Soul - The Mellow Cats with Count Ossie & The Warrickas
20.Let The Good Times Roll - Derrick & Patsy with Drumbago & His Harmonisers
21.Humpty Dumpty - Eric 'Humpty Dumpty' Morris & Drumbago's All Stars
22.Freedom - Clancy Eccles with Aubrey Adams & His Dew Droppers
23.There's Always Sunshine - The Blues Busters with Hersang & His City Slickers
24.Oh My Darling - The Rhythm Aces
25.Chubby - Bunny & Skitter with Buster's Group
26.Your Love - The Blues Busters
27.How Can I Be Sure - Higgs & Wilson
28.What Have I Done - Keith & Enid

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