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Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations - Come Back Darling - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

Secret Records are releasing a 180 gram vinyl re-issue of the classic reggae album 'Come Back Darling' from 1970.

This LP contains his crucial singles such as 'The Warrior', 'See And Blind', 'The Power And The Glory' and 'Come Back Darling' re-issued on 180 g vinyl.

Side 1
1. Come Back Darling
2. He Who Keepeth His Mouth (AKA Fish Mouth)
3. Scarface
4. Power & The Glory
5. One Day You'll Need My Kiss
6. Red Sunset

Side 2
1. The Warrior
2. If It's Not Love
3. Don Juan
4. Foolish Plan
5. See And Blind
6. Bewitched

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