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Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - Nyabinghi - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

180 Gram Vinyl re-issue of the classic 1974 roots album through Sunspot Records. Now with a full colour double sided insert with pictures and sleeve notes. 
Michael George Henry, better known as Ras Michael, is a Jamaican reggae singer and Nyabinghi specialist. He was the first member of the Rastafari movement to have a reggae radio program in Jamaica (The Lion of Judah Time program first aired in 1967 on the JBC). The band he formed and named as The Sons of Negus became known for their traditional Nyabinghi drumming and chanting.
Nyabinghi is a style of ritual drumming performed as a communal meditative practice in the Rastafarian religion in Jamaica. Like many facets of Rastafarianism, it evolved from the drum ceremonies that enslaved Africans of various tribes brought with them to Jamaica. As the country grew more industrialized throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century, Nyabinghi songs were celebrated only among followers of the Rastafarian religion. Nowadays, Nyabinghi is used mainly as a term for a certain sect of Rastas, as opposed to just the rhythm or the music.
From 1974, Ras Michael and The Sons Of Negus regularly released albums, combining electric instruments with traditional hand drumming. Ras Michael contributed to recording sessions at Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Black Ark studio (including sessions with Bob Marley), and he performed with Marley at the One Love Peace Concert in Jamaica in 1978.
Check out 'Nyabinghi' as an alternate and diverse experience to Jamaican roots music.

Side 1
1. Keep Cool Babylon
2. Rise Ja Ja Children (The Lion Sleeps)
3. Pretty Little Face
4. Carnal Mind
5. Run Come (Throw Away Your Stoney Heart)
6. Come Down (Pomps And Pride)
Side 2
1. Ja Got The Whole World
2. Roll Over River Jordan
3. Cast Them In The Fire
4. Nyah Man Say
5. Rasta Man Chant
6. We're Marching Into Victory
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