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Keith Hudson - Furnace - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

This 1972 release is Keith Hudson's first album!
It features Aston 'Family Man Barrett', Dennis Alcapone and U Roy Junior.

Released on 180 gram vinyl, with a full colour insert, featuring track by track breakdown, biography and pictures.
Side 1
1. Furnance (feat. Val Bennet Sax)
2. Tye Tye (feat. Soul Syndicate)
3. Riot (feat. Soul Syndicate)
4. Riot Version (feat. Soul Syndicate)
5. Tribal War (feat. U Roy Jr.)
6. Don't Start It Up (feat. Keith Hudson vox)
Side 2
1. Don't Act So (feat. Keith Hudson vox)
2. I Have Faith (feat. Keith Hudson vox)
3. Romper Room (feat. Soul Syndicate)
4. I.D. Parade (feat. Soul Syndicate)
5. Bad Harvest (feat. Dennis Alcapone)
6. Closer Walk With Thee (feat. Keith Hudson)
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