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Sham 69 - Set List – The Anthology - Double Vinyl/LP

£22.99 GBP

Recorded live and featuring all their hit singles and classic tracks. 

Green vinyl double album.



A1. Wot Ave We Got
A2. No I Dont Wanna
A3. Rip Off
A4. Ulster Boy
A5. Tell Us The Truth

B1. Cockney Kids Are Innocent
B2. Borstal Breakout
B3. They Dont Understand
B4. That’s Life
B5. Angels With Dirty Faces

C1. Mr You're A Better Man Than I
C2. Hersham Boys
C3. Asbo Sportsday
C4. Money
C5. Questions And Answers

D1. Stockwell
D2. If The Kids Are United
D3. White Riot
D4. Hurry Up Harry