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Jackson C. Frank - Forest Of Eden - CD Album+10"

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Format: CD & 10"

Previously unreleased tracks and demos from ‘the most famous folk singer no-one ever heard’ now on 10” & CD combined package with extended liner notes.

Having flourished on the mid-1960s folk scene in London, Jackson C. Frank became a well-known face, establishing himself as a song-writer of beautiful songs and befriending a myriad of up and coming British and American songwriters and singers, only to succumb to stage fright and eventual depression during his upward trajectory. His dark, melancholic acoustic songs spoke of a deeper pain that had haunted him and would continue to for many years to come.

 His first and only album was recorded by his friend Paul Simon during a 3 hour recording session and his song ‘Blues Run The Game’ became a folk standard for many artists at the time such as Simon and Garfunkel and Bert Jansch up until to the present day by artists such as Laura Marling. His depression that came to the surface, stemming from a bout of writer’s block, seemed to be rooted from his non-assessed trauma as a child and this plagued him well into his later life as well as his distinct lack of luck…

This short and sweet collection of demos provides a deeper look into the legend of Jackson C. Frank as well as a better historical context of his influences and the recording of his album. Included on here three Elvis Presley Christmas song covers that he recorded around the age of 18 (with a spoken greeting to his grandparents), three unreleased home recordings from 1965 of songs that would feature on his debut album and most importantly a demo for one of his rare and unreleased song ‘Forest Of Eden’. Buy now to complete the incredible story of the troubled, folk legend – Jackson C. Frank.

1. Forest Of Eden (3.08)
2. (Spoken Intro) Heartbreak Hotel(2.34)
3. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me / Precious Lord (2.43)
4. I Want To Be Alone (2.17)
5. Here Comes The Blues (4.20)
6. You Never wanted Me (4.25)

Side 1
ForestOf Eden (3.08)
(Spoken Intro) Heartbreak Hotel (2.34)
Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me / Precious Lord (2.43)
Side 2
I Want To Be Alone (2.17)
Here Comes The Blues (4.20)
You Never wanted Me (4.25)
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