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China Crisis - Singing The Praises Of Finer Things - CD+DVD Album

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Format: CD + DVD

China Crisis is a band that has attracted critical acclaim and chart success over the course of career stretching back well over 30 years.
Formed in Kirby, just outside Liverpool, in 1979, the kernel of China Crisis has always been vocalist/keyboard player Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon, who first met at school when they were 14. Inspired by their heroes, Talking Heads, Brian Eno, David Bowie and Magazine, they steadily developed a distinctive style all their own.
In 1982 their first single 'African And White' was released on the legendary Inevitable label, which was also the orginal home of Wah! Heat, Dead or Alive and It's Immaterial. With that single almost grazing the UK Top 40, despite being on a small indie label, the band was snapped up by Virgin Records, who set about recording their first album, the splendidly titled 'Difficult Shapes And Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It's Fun To Entertain', which was released in November of the same year. Their first hit single followed in January 1983, when 'Christian' peaked just outside the top 10.

Sound Format Digital 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo PCM
DVD 9 Dual Layer Format
Colour NTSC (Will Play Worldwide)
Running Time Approx. 130 mins
Ascpect Ratio 4:3
Includes Exclusive Interview


  1. Strenght Of Character
  2. Singing The Praises Of Finer Things
  3. The Highest High
  4. Stranger By Nature
  5. You Did Cut Me
  6. Sweet Charity In Adoration
  7. It's Everything
  8. Arizona Sky
  9. Tragedy & Mystery
  10. African & White
  11. The Understudy
  12. Gift Of Freedom
  13. Black Man Ray
  14. Wishful Thinking
  15. King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)
  16. Working With Fire & Steel
  17. Christian
  18. Diary Of A Hollow Horse
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