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The Meteors - Maniac Rockers From Hell - CD+DVD Album

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Format: CD & DVD

Prepare yourself to be shocked, rocked and amazed as Secret Records release our Psychobilly special live CD/DVD double pack for one of the most memorable acts to grace the genre - The Meteors.

The Meteors were true innovators of the scene. Having formed in London 1980, the band melded their love of punk rock, rockabilly and B-line movies together into a unique cocktail that their loyal following known as 'the Crazies or Zorchmen' happily drank from. Gaining notoriety from the rabid nature of their live performances and their fan-bases' antics, The Meteors gained a dangerous reputation that can be fully witnessed on 'Maniac Rockers from Hell'.Shot at the notorious Hobbits Nightclub, included are all of their wildest hits such as 'Mutant Rock', 'Chainsaw Boogi' and of course 'Maniac Rockers from Hell'. Blood and bruises included!


1. Halloween Scream
2. Maniac
3. Fire Fire
4. Death Dance
5. Maniac Rockers From Hell
6. I Hate People
7. Wolf Job
8. Lil' Red Riding Hood
9. Chainsaw Boogie
10. Domino
11. Insane
12. King Of The Mutilators
13. I Don't Worry About It
14. Blue Sunshine
15. Fuck Off (Don't Wanna Fuck Me)
16. The Crazed
17. Night Of The Werewolf
18. Rawhide
19. Get Off My Cloud
20. The Hills Have Eyes
21. No Surrender
22. Wrecking Crew
23. Slow Down You Grave Robbin' Bastard
24. Mutant Rock
25. Hell Ain't Hot Enough
26. Rockabilly Psychosis
27. Give The Devil His Due