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The Soft Machine - Tanglewood Tails - 2CD Album

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Format: 2CD

Double CD of rare early The Soft Machine cuts from 1963 -1970, featuring Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Daevid Allen and others.

The music contained on this double CD features a retrospective of this initial period of experimental music from home recordings in 1963 to live recordings in 1970, and is an amazing backdrop to one of the most influential acts performing during that most influential of periods of musical inventiveness - the 1960's.

Track listing;

CD 1

1. ¾ Blues Thing in F
2. Drum Solo
3. Tanglewood Tails
4. Cecelian
5. I'm so Low
6. Clarence in Wonderland
7. Hope For Happiness
8. She's Gone
9. Save Yourself
10. Lullaby Letter
11. We Know What You Mean
12. I Should've Known

CD 2

1. We Did It Again
2. Why Are We Sleeping
3. Moon In June
4. Esther's Nose Job
5. As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
6. Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging
7. Eamonn Andrews
8. Esther'sNose Job
9. Pigling Bland
10. Moon In June
11. Hibou Anemone and Bear

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