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Shakatak - The 12 Inch Mixes - 2CD Album

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Format: 2CD

The jazz-funk legends prepare to release the alternate side of their songs through Secret Records.
During Shakatak's pinnacle they enjoyed a number of top twenty singles and albums, countless worldwide tours, worked alongside music royalty such as Nigel Wright and Al Jarreau"¦ but success was never the drive. It's always for the music and to the present day Shakatak continues on this way. This is perhaps the reason for the demand of "˜The 12 Inch Mixes' - their dedicated fan-base always desire every musical aspect of the band and these mixes certainly provide another for them to enjoy.
Heading all the way back to their inception, "˜The 12 Inch Mixes' showcases the band's early singles in their first and rawest form lovingly taken and restored from the original 12 inch vinyl's. Favourites such as "˜Livin' in the UK' and "˜Steppin' are presented in their original full-length state while others such as "˜I Lose Myself' and "˜Fly The Wind' are the special remix versions that were included as the B-sides to their singles.
Bands, with a catalogue of music as vast as Shakatak's, are always going to have hidden rarities from the most productive periods of their career: "˜The 12 Inch Mixes' looks to bring Shakatak's to light. This album looks to assure critics and fans alike that there are no skeletons in their closet; instead a rich and steady flow of creativity that differs from their norm but stays within their boundaries as the world's jazz-funk protagonist's. Enjoy "˜The 12 Inch Mixes' as an alternate experience to a classic band. - Check out 'Living in the UK (Full Length Mix)' on our Youtube channel
Release date: 5th November 2012
Track-listingCD 1
1 Steppin' (full length version) (5'49"�)
2 Killing Time (full length version) (5'29"�)
3 Feels Like The Right Time (full length) (4'53"�)
4 Living In The UK (full length mix) (6'27"�)
5 Espirrito (full length mix) (4'33"�)
6 Brazilian Dawn (7'00)
7 Easier Said Than Done (long version) (6'09"�)
8 Night Birds (6'18"�)
9 Streetwalkin' (full length version) (5'26"�)
10 Go For It (full length version) (6'45"�)
11 Invitations (6'07"�)
12 Stranger (extended version) (5'22"�)
13 Dark Is The Night (Extended Version) (6'27"�)
CD 2
1 I Lose Myself (remix) (5'10"�)
2 If You Could See Me Now (6'53"�)
3 Fly The Wind (remix) (4'20"�)
4 Out Of This World (Extended Version) (5'39"�)
5 Down On The Street (Dance Mix) (6'34"�)
6 Don't Blame It On Love (4'39"�)
7 If You Want My Love (Come And Get It) (4'26"�)
8 Watching You (Extended Version) (6'36"�)
9 Day By Day (Full version) (6'14"�)
10 Don't Push Me (5'00"�)
11 Something Special (Extended Club Version) (5'32"�)
12 Mr Manic and Sister Cool (Cool Mix) (6'37"�)

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