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Don Grusin and Bill Sharpe - Trans Atlantica & Geography - 2CD Album

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Format: 2CD

Famed pianist Don Grusin and Shakatak keyboardist Bill Sharpe return with the second collaboration.
Two men, one thought: to create art. Hailing from both sides of the Atlantic this new release 'Trans Atlantica', once again brings together the hit UK group Shakatak's musical nucleus Bill Sharpe and award winning American composer and pianist Don Grusin for a truly unique offering.

While both gentlemen have been involved in many projects of different varieties over their illustrious careers, this is the second time the pair has collaborated with a renewed set of eclectic results. 'Trans Atlantica' incorporates the best of both worlds: the smooth, vintage jazz style that Grusin has grown up with and come to be known by combined with Sharp's edgier, modern take on the genre that will delight fans from either camp. Having first worked together in 1997 when Grusin took the production chair on Sharp's debut, solo album 'State Of The Heart' they have continued to create and innovate together ever since. 'Trans Atlantica' is to be enjoyed not only as an album but as a collection of life experience put on one disc by two legendary musicians.

After the critical-acclaim that their first album together, 'Geography', received in 2007, the duo knew that it would not stop there. Those familiar with both these artists will already understand the contributions that both have made towards popular music. From Grusin being hand-picked to play in Quincy Jones' band to Sharpe co-writing many of Shakatak's international, chart-bothering hits; neither needs to prove anything more by way of credentials.'Trans Atlantica' is an album made as a labour of love by two professionals who share a passion of simply charming music.

As a special bonus to this release,the CD and downloadeditionswill bedouble packed with first album 'Geography' for the full Grusin/Sharpe experience!


CD 1 (Trans Atlantica)
1. The London Tube
2. Exotic Boulevard
3. Down At St. Catherin's
4. War Zone
5. Chance Encounters
6. Night Train to Paris
7. Un Vuelo
8. Slow Breeze
9. Mole Trap Cool
10. After Hours
11. Mira Monte
12. Dirty Boy
13. Take Out The Trash

CD 2 (Geography)
1. Heat
2. Sunny Rainy
3. You're In Love
4. Neo Music
5. Afterglo
6. Million Years
7. Q-R (Question and Response)
8. The Bomba Shack
9. Spanky
10. Cunada
11. Adult Advisory