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Carmel - Carmel - CD Album

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Format: CD

Formed in Manchester in 1981, this jazz/pop trio was formed by the eponymous Carmel McCourt on vocals, Jim Paris on double bass and Gerry Darby on drums and percussion.In May 1982 their first single, "Storm", released on the Red Flame label, crashed into the indie charts, followed later that same year by a self-titled mini-album. Comprising four self-penned songs, the fledgling band were also brave enough to take on "Guilty", previously recorded by the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and to completely rework the Smokey Robinson classic "Tracks Of My Tears".


  1. Track Of My Tears
  2. Sugar Daddy
  3. Guilty
  4. Thunder
  5. Love Affair
  6. Storm
  7. I Can't Stand The Rain
  8. Storm (Live)
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