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Shakatak - Drivin' Hard - CD Album

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Format: CD

Secret Records are releasing a remastered re-issue of Shakatak's classic 1981 debut album Drivin' Hard, featuring the hit singles "˜Livin' in the UK' and "˜Brazilian Dawn.'
Shakatak is continuing to feature their classic line-up of Bill Sharpe, Jill Saward, Roger Odell and George Anderson.
After a number of successful top-twenty singles in the UK, the band went on to score unprecedented international success with the release of the classic "˜Nightbirds' recording and the title track has now become a standard in the popular music repertoire. This success was repeated with the top-ten hit "˜Down on the Street' with its award-winning video. With the magic Al Jarreau/Shakatak combination, the group went on to record the track "˜Day by Day' to further international acclaim and continues to be highly successful in Japan to this day.
Following the success of the last Shakatak album "˜On The Corner', we are now releasing the album that started it all, "˜Drivin' Hard', as a CD. Featuring the hits "˜Livin' In The UK', "˜Brazilian Dawn', "˜Steppin'' and "˜Into The Night'.
1. Livin' In The UK
2. Into the Night
3. Toot The Shoot
4. Lumiere
5. Late Night Flight
6. Waves
7. Steppin' (Live)
8. Covina
9. You Never Know
10. Brazilian Dawn
11. Livin' In The UK (Full Length mix)
12. Brazilian Dawn (12 inch mix)

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