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Shakatak - Down On The Street - CD Album

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Format: CD

Secret Records are releasing a re-issue of the classic 1984 Shakatak album Down On The Street with four added bonus tracks.

Following the success of the new Shakatak album "˜On The Corner', we are now releasing "˜Down On The Street' as a CD with four added bonus tracks; "˜Down On The Street (Dance Mix)', "˜Don't Blame It On Love (Extended Mix)', "˜Down On The Street (Extended Mix)' and "˜Holding On (Extended Mix)'. A great addition to the record collections of the many Shakatak fans out there!

2. Holding On
3. Summer Sky
4. Hypnotised
5. Don't Blame It On Love
6. Photograph
7. Watching You
8. Fire Dance
9. Lady (To Billie Holiday)
Bonus Tracks:
10. Down On The Street (Dance Mix)
11. Don't Blame It On Love (Extended Mix)
12. Down On The Street (Extended Mix)
13. Holding On (Extended Mix)