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John Mayall - Smokin' Blues - CD Album

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Format: CD

Smokin' Blues is a live album from the Frankfurt years 1972 & 1973.
Featuring great musicians such as: Freddy Robinson on the guitar, Victor Gaskin on the bass, Keef Hartley on the drums, Blue Mitchell on the trumpet and Cliff Solomon on tenor sax, alongside John Mayall playing guitar, piano, harmonica and vocals on tracks 1-4. They were recorded 2nd of May 1972.
Red Holloway replaces Solomon on tenor saxophone on tracks 5-12 which wererecordedon 17th of May 1973.


1. Band Introduction (Narrative)
2. Got You On My Mind
3. No Smoking
4. No Holds Barred
5. Band Intro (Narrative)
6. Feels Good in Frankfurt
7. Next Time Around
8. Freddie's Request (Narrative)
9. Sad To Be Alone
10. Red Presents Blue Mitchell (Narrative)
11. Filthy McNasty
12. Make My Bed Tonight