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Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks - One Love - LP 180 Gram Vinyl



Preorder. Released August 30 2024


One Love by Mike Brooks was originally issued in 1983. Most of the tracks on that album were voiced at King Tubby’s and over rhythms again recorded at Channel One, where the Roots Radics had replaced the Revolutionaries as the Hookims’ house band. 

Sensie Man, sung in defense of his fellow ganja smokers from around the island, was the lead single. Lovers Street was a big seller too whilst Grooving was an adaptation of the Wailers’ Keep On Moving that according to Brooks, even won approval from Bob Marley himself, who’d recorded the original for Lee Perry. Mike’s old friend from Arrows, deejay Crutches, also cut a version of that track for Teams, but it was the singer’s own version, delivered in his best falsetto, that got most airplay. Love Is Lovely was another standout with its joyous message and dazzling interplay between organ, sax and drums. Channel One’s new set of musicians had made quite a difference, and their slower, heavier rhythms were more suited to the times. 



Side 1
1.Grooving (3:16)
2.Sensie Man (3:14)
3.Mother-In-Law (3:22)
4.Love On the Highway (3:27)
5.A Man Is King (3:16)    

Side 2
1.No War Over Woman 2:59)
2.Lovely (3:11)
3.One Hear One 2:44)
4.Lover’s Street (2:46)
5.Complicated Love (2:55)