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Chimera - Holy Grail - Vinyl LP

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Format:  vinyl LP

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie - cousins Francesca Garnett and Lisa Bankoff rubbed shoulders with them all in the late 1960's, and perhaps it should come as no surprise that a little stardust rubbed off on the two girls.
Musically ambitious, they came close to being signed to the Beatles' Apple label (although John, Paul and Ringo were in favour, George passed, thus vetoing the deal) before being taken under the wing of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and signing to Monty Babson's fledgling Morgan Blue Town label. Morgan Blue Town was a side project to the Morgan Music studio, which in the late 1960's was one of the UK's top studios, attracting in 1969 alone the likes of Led Zeppelin ("Led Zeppelin II"), Free ("Tons of Sobs" and "Free"), and Jethro Tull ("Stand Up").
All tracks mastered from the original master tapes.



    Side 1

    1. Black Hat Babe
    2. Song In E
    3. Episode At Telegraph Hill
    4. Morning Sounds
    5. Peru

    Side 2

    1. Come Into The Garden
    2. The Grail
    3. Sad Song For Winter
    4. Mary's Mystery
    5. Lady With Bullets