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Al Campbell - No More Running - Red Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

Born 31st August 1954 in Kingston, Jamaica, Alphonso, better known as Al Campbell is one of reggae music's most distinguished and distinctive vocalists and songwriters. His extensive catalogue of hit records, ranging from authentic roots to sophisticated ballads, has been carefully composed over nearly half a century of music making and he still continues to make meaningful music.

180 gram vinyl.



A1. Soul Sister 3:38
A2. Foot Stool 3:06
A3. Can't Get No Peace 2:58
A4. Free Man 3:34
A5. When The Grass Is Green 2:58

B1. No More Running 2:14
B2. Tribal War 3:03
B3. You Must Get A Beaten 2:34
B4. If You Don't Love Jah 3:04
B5. Hit Me With Music 2:58