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Pablo Gad - Hard Times - CD Album

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Format: CD

Re-launch of the Classic reggae label Burning Sounds from the 1970’s with a new Best Of from Pablo Gad featuring ‘Hard Times’, ‘Black Before Creation’ and ‘Blood Suckers’.
“That Ska and Reggae come from Jamaica is a fact, another fact is that you don’t have to live in a hot Kingston ghetto to make great music, although, unfortunately that’s what the majority of reggae listeners decided early on in the music’s history.
Early arrivals on the London scene like Robert ‘Dandy Livingston’ Thompson, Owen Gray and Laurel Aitken all struggled to stamp their own identity on their music as everyone preferred the JA brand of ska or reggae than the UK variety. Live on stage they went down a storm, but on record many would favour a JA disc to a UK record.
Pablo Gad may not be the first name to spring to any roots collector’s mind with little written about him in such luminary works as The Rough Guide To Reggae, but his emergence alongside other little known UK artists such as Lion Youth (who hit with Rat A Cut Bottle), indicate what a thriving and vibrant scene London of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was, and how much wonderful and creative music was made thousands of miles away from reggae’s birthplace of Jamaica.
‘Trafalgar Square’ was a wake-up call to all the purists who derided UK reggae and as such was one of the defining albums of the London-based reggae scene which burgeoned as the decade rolled along, and deserves to be filed beside many other notable albums from the likes of Burning Spear, Pablo Moses and Culture completely irrespective of where they were recorded.” – Michael De Koningh

1. Hard Times
2. Black Before Creation
3. Blood Suckers
4. Throw Your Dreams
5. Visions Of Pablo
6. What Makes A Natty Dread Cry
7. Iration
8. Lighter Shade Of Black
9. Reggae Music
10. Trafalgar Square

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