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Revolutionaries - Green Bay Dub - CD Album

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Format: CD

Released 14th April.
"‹The Revolutionaries

Classic Dub album

Produced by Linval Thompson

Extensive sleeve notes in CD booklet.

"‹Track Listing
1. Mafia Dub 2.51

2. Jungo In Dub 2.55

3. Survival Dub 2.50

4. Nagusa Dub 3.37

5. Skillful Dub 2.53

6. Creation Dub 3.43

7. Green Bay Dub 3.33

8. Hop Scotch Dub 2.39

9. Jerusalem Dub 3.35

10. Back A Wall Dub 3.10

The Revolutionaries:

Drums: Stanley "˜Barnabas' Bryan, Carlton "˜Santa' Davis, Lowell "˜Sly' Dunbar

& Leroy "˜Horse Mouth' Wallace

Bass: Bertram "˜Ranchi' McLean, Lloyd "˜Sparks' Parks & Robert "˜Robbi' Shakespeare

Lead Guitar: Radcliffe "˜Duggi' Bryan & Earl "˜Chinna' Smith

Rhythm Guitar: Winston "˜Bo Peep' Bowen, Valentine "˜Tony' Chin

& Robert "˜Robbi' Shakespeare

Keyboards: Ansel "˜Pinki' Collins, Bernard "˜Touter' Harvey, Robbie Lynn, Oswald "˜Ossi'/"˜No Go' Hibbert, Errol "˜Tarzan' Nelson & Winston "˜Brubeck' Wright

Alto Saxophone: Herman Marquis

Tenor Saxophone & Flute: Tommy McCook

Trombone: Vincent "˜Don D Junior' Gordon & Ron "˜Willow' Wilson

Trumpet: Bobby Ellis

Percussion: Christopher "˜Sky Juic' Blake, Stanley "˜Barnabas' Bryan,

Noel "˜Zoot'/"˜Scully' Simms & Uzziah "˜Sticky' Thompson

Recorded and Mixed at:

Channel One Recording Studio, 29 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica

Remixed at:

King Tubby's, Tubby Recording Studio, 18 Dromilly Avenue, Kingston 11, Jamaica

Written, Arranged & Produced by:

Linval Thompson

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