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The Hippy Boys - Reggae With The Hippy Boys - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

180 gram re-issue of the classic Lee Perry album 'Reggae with the Hippy Boys' produced by Sonia Pottinger.
A bit about the band: Upon the UK Singles Chart success of "Return of Django" in 1969, Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters were invited on a six week tour of the UK. However, due to a clashing of schedules, the original Upsetters could not make the trip. The newly formed Hippy Boys became the new Upsetters for the tour; causing the band to be frequently confused with the original Upsetters in the future.

Track listing
Side 1

1. Nurse J'Kel
2. This Is It
3. Mad Movie
4. Capo
5. Foot Work

Side 2

1. Seven Heaven
2. Moon Walk
3. Challenge
4. Spicy
5. Wondering