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Various - Blue Beat Explosion - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

Secret Records subsidiary label, Sunspot Records, releases a well-rounded compilation comprised of early hits from Ska star Prince Buster and the various bands he featured in.
Featuring tracks from the early 1960s this period was pivotal for the legendary Blue Beat label as it began increasing its musical output to offer the rabid music fans more of the developing, new Rhythm & Blues sound that was then becoming known as Ska. One of the crucial members on this emerging scene is the now renowned Prince Buster, who featured/put together groups includingBusters Group, The All-stars and The Bluebeats as well as featuring alongside other Ska pioneers such as Rico Rodriguez, Derrick Morgan and The Charmers.

In having these groups, Buster was able to provide backing for many of the rising stars on the Ska scene including the aforementioned Rico Rodriguez and Derrick Morgan as well as Basil Gabbidon and Jackie Estick. He established himself as a respected producer working on the Folkes Brothers Oh Carolina' that went on to become a hit in Jamaica and in the UK. The production on this release was particularly noted for the African-influenced Niyabinghi-style drumming and chanting that Buster incorporated into the song.

'The Blue Beat Explosion' features the early, essential Prince Buster influenced tracks from some of the major names in Ska and Reggae music aimed at those interested in the beginnings of these timeless genres.

Release date: 13.05.2013 (CD)
CD Tracklisting

1. Buster's Shack - Buster's Group
2. Luke Lane Shuffle - Rico Rodriguez & Buster's Group
3. Boss Girl - Jackie Estick with Buster's Group
4. I Was Wrong - Chuck & Bobby & Buster's Group
5. Come Back Darling - Derrick Morgan & Buster's Group
6. My Sound That Goes Around - Prince Buster & All Stars
7. They Got To Go - Prince Buster & The Torchlighters
8. Independence Song - Prince Buster & The Blue Beats
9. Time Longer Than Rope - Prince Buster & Band Of People
10. Fake King - Prince Buster & Voice Of The People
11. Little Honey - Buster's Group
12. Megaton - Buster's Group
13. One Hand Washes The Other - Prince Buster & All Stars
14. Cowboy Come To Town - Prince Buster & All Stars
15. For Your Love - Buster's Group
16. They Got To Come - Prince Buster & All stars
17. Come On Over - Derrick Morgan & Buster's Group
18. Hully Gully - Basil Gabbidon & Buster's Group
19. Crying Over You - The Charmers & Prince Buster's Voice Of The People
20. G I Lady - Eric Morris & Buster's All Stars
21. Now You Want To Cry - The Charmers & Prince Buster's Voice Of The People
22. Going To The River - Eric Morris & Buster's All Stars
23. These Are The Times - Prince Buster & All Star

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