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Lee Perry

Lee Perry - Holiness Righteousness - CD Album



Format: CD & LP

Lee 'Scratch' Perry, aka the Upsetter, is responsible for some of the most startling and adventurous contributions to the direction and development of reggae music as a producer, arranger and writer. His role in shaping the history of Jamaican music in particular and recorded music in general is immensely vast. For decades Lee Perry was the driving force behind the most important movements in reggae and since 1980 reissues of his previously released and unreleased material have assured his status in modern day music.



1. Holyness (4.30)
2. I Believe In Miracles (4.34)
3. On the Street Again (4.36)
4. Find The Love (5.40)
5. Starliner (4.36)

1. Scratch It (4.37)
2. Emperor Haile Salassic Light (4.30)
3. One God Open Brain (4.27)
4. Merlin, White Magic Air (4.58)
5. Revolution (4.08)