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Sam Gopal - Escalator

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Format: CD

Released 14th April 2017

Reissue of the classic 1969 album featuring Motorhead's Lemmy."‹
Extensive Sleeve Notes.
Track Listing

  1. Cold Embrace
  2. The Dark Lord
  3. The Sky Is Burning
  4. You're Alone Now
  5. Grass
  6. It's Only Love
  7. Escalator
  8. Angry Faces
  9. Midsummer Nights Dream
  10. Season Of The Witch
  11. Yesterlove
  12. Horse
  13. Back Door Man

Sam Gopal: Tabla, Percussion.
Ian (Lemmy) Willis: Vocal, Lead Rhythm Guitar
Roger D'Elia: Lead Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Phil Duke: Bass Guitar
Recorded At:
De-Lane Lea 10th Oct - 26th Nov 1968
Morgan Sound 10th,12th,15th Nov 1968